Assignments for Week of  4/6/2020(Happy Monday)

Monday and Tuesday

1) Watch the 8-3 video and take notes
2) Complete 8-3 Homework, take a picture, and email it to me.

Wednesday and Friday
No School
Have a great spring break! 

See everyone back in online-class on Monday April 20.


Week of 3/30/2020 (Good morning/Afternoon.  I look forward to seeing

                                     everyone soon).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

1)  Complete chapter 7 practice test (Due on Tuesday this week).  Take a picture

      and send it to me.  It will be  graded as an assignment.

2)  Watch videos for Sections 8-1 and 8-2 and write down problems in your notes

3)  Work on 8-1 and 8-2 homework

4)  Homework 8-1 and 8-2 are due Friday

Week of 3/23/2020 (Good morning/Afternoon.  I look forward to seeing

                                     everyone soon)

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

​1) Watch Chapter 7-4 Video Parts 1 and 2.

2) Watch Chapter 7-5 Video 

3)  Complete and send pictures of completed homework.  Please send in 7-4 and

      7-5 homework in one email. It's due by 3/25/20


Complete chapter 7 practice test.  Due at end of day on Tuesday March 31.


For the remaining part of the week  Wednesday and Friday  3/18/2020 and 3/20/2020

1)  Complete 7-3 homework, take a picture of it and email it to me (make sure

      to include your name and period).     My email address is

2)  Print out 7-4 notes and copy the problems from the book into your notes. 

      If you don't have a printer write them out by hand in your notebook.

3)  Start working on 7-4 homework​  (I will let you know when it's due).