Assignments for Week of  4/6/2020(Happy Monday)

Monday and Tuesday

1) Watch the "School Schedule Video"

2) Do Dream Schedule Assignment in google docs or Word

     and send it to me (See link for the assignment).  Make sure

     your name is on your assignment.  Do NOT send me your

     school schedule.  Send me your dream schedule ONLY.

Wednesday and Friday

No School

Have a great spring break! 

See everyone back in online-class Monday April 20.

Assignments for Week of  3/30/2020(Welcome to Media Arts)

I want to welcome all of my new students to the IT Technology portion of Media Arts.  

For this week:

1)  Please print out my syllabus and have your parent or guardian sign it.  Then you can take a picture of it and email it to me using school loop.  My email address is

2) Look up the word definitions on line and type them into a google form.  Then share it with me.